Canadian Immigration Workshop


Learn the best ways to LIVE, WORK or STUDY in Canada

Manila | Mar 21


Davao City | Mar 28

Manila | Apr 4

Cebu City | Apr 25

Baguio City | May 2


Join Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant, DAPHNE LAVINA, for an event designed to fast track the realization of your dream to go to Canada.

  • Find out best options available for you and your family to live permanently, work temporarily or visit Canada
  • Find out the most crucial steps in applying for your visa
  • Get a roadmap and SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE OF YOUR IMMIGRATION JOURNEY before you get started
  • Set yourself up for success in 2020! 


Your Immigration Coach

Engage with a professional who can help you transform your life and make your dreams come true.

Daphne Lavina, RCIC

I've been an immigration practitioner for over 20 years now. I’m a member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC Member #R422615) and the CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants). I'm also licensed under the Saskatchewan Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act (FWRISA). I experienced first-hand (twice, actually) the whole immigration process.

I used to be where you are...  

I was born in the Philippines.

As a child, my biggest dream was "to go abroad".  

I was taught to dream big and I was told to finish my studies. That's it!  

It was hard for me to imagine how I can go from where I was to where I am now.  

I came from humble beginnings and it was overwhelming to think about everything I needed to do to make my immigration dream come true.  

There was a point when I was about to give up my dream of living and working abroad. I had a promising career, I was earning a good income - I was living a very comfortable life.  

But by the time I had my 2nd child, I realized that there's more to life than just having a job and money. I started thinking about safety, security, education and my children's future.  

So I rekindled the fire of my desire to immigrate. And I'm glad I did...  

I am where I am now because I had help. I was coached on how to successfully immigrate to Canada. I learned that there's more to immigrating than just filling out forms and submitting your application.  

I chose to practice this profession to pass on what I've learned from my mentor, my own experience and my clients' experience. I've made it my mission to help bring savvy immigrants to Canada.  


Meet Gloriae...

A Registered Nurse from Pagadian City.

She went through Aces' Canadian Immigration Coaching Program and was hired by a family in Saskatchewan, Canada.

She got her Work Permit as a Caregiver in Canada and loves working for the family who employed her.

Gloriae is now in the process of becoming a Permanent Resident through the Caregiver Immigration Pilot Program.

One single error could put all you invested on your immigration goals to waste. Thanks to Aces Connections Consultancy for having that eye for details. Daphne has been so supportive from day one until the day we landed. And the entire process took less than 9 months from the day we were accepted into the Express Entry pool.

- Ken and Dhen

We are very glad and grateful that we had our sponsorship application with Daphne/ACES. She never failed in giving us updates and she always make sure everything is perfect. She always gets back to us as soon as possible. It was worth an experience working with Daphne! We felt friendship and good company with ACES. With ACES our family will be complete and happy. We are proud to be one of her clients and we would definitely recommend her and ACES. More power to you and your office and GOD bless! 

- Nathan (from Alberta) & Kristine (from Bukidnon)

It’s been great to have you guys to answer questions and things. We would have felt so lost doing this all on our own. Thank you! 

- Paul and Carla

Workshop Agenda

8:30 AM - Registration Starts 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM - Workshop 12:00 PM to 12:15 PM - General Q&A 12:15 PM to 12:30 PM - Break* 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM - One-on-One Sessions (for those who registered for a private one-on-one consultation & assessment)

*Please note that meal is not included in the registration fee. There are restaurants close to the venue.

Venue Details


Aces Manila Office, 4/F Unit 2C , One E-Com Building, Ocean Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City 1300


Park Inn by Radisson Davao, Pan-Philippine Hwy., Agdao, Davao City 8000 Davao del Sur


Holiday Inn Baguio City No. 56 Legarda Rd., Baguio City


Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Salinas Drive Cebu City 



What's Included:

  • Workshop Session
  • Private One-on-One Consultation & Assessment


P475 (Early Bird) P975



What's Included:

  • Workshop Session
  • Private One-on-One Consultation & Assessment

P1475 (Early Bird) P1975

*CAD to PHP exchange rate: $1 = Php40.00

Refund Policy: NO REFUNDS* 

What's included in your registration fee:

  • Intensive Canadian immigration workshop to learn how you can successfully go to Canada
  • Private One-on-One Consultation and Assessment (Gold)

Stop settling for less. If you want to give yourself and your family a safe and secure future, worldclass education, excellent healthcare and a great lifestyle, NOW is the best time to do it.

This is your chance to focus on your immigration goal and learn how we have helped other dreamers like you achieve their dreams too.

How's this as a return on your investment?

  • $25,000-150,000+ annual income by 2020
  • Worldclass education for your children up to high school = $120,000
  • Your personal and career development
  • Visa-free travel to most countries worldwide
  • Free healthcare
  • Safe and secure environment



IMMIGRATE TO CANADA Move to Canada with your family and enjoy all the benefits that Canada has to offer its residents. Independent immigration programs like Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs will be discussed. Learn how you can immigrate to Canada without needing an employer or relative to sponsor you. 

STUDY AND WORK IN CANADA When you study in Canada, you can work and earn $$$. You'll also have plenty of opportunities to become a permanent resident after you graduate.

CAREGIVER IMMIGRATION PILOT PROGRAM Come to Canada as a Caregiver and bring your whole family all at once. Unlike the old Caregiver programs, the new pilot program allows you to apply for an open work permit for your spouse and study permit for your children. 

Is this for you?

To be honest with you: This may not be for you.

This event isn't for the person who will only go to Canada if there is a job offer or if someone else is going to pay for his expenses. This event isn't for the person who has not finished or is not willing to finish at least 2 years of college.

This event is for that person who is willing to do what it takes to realize a goal.

If you have a post-secondary education, if you have at least 2 years of work experience and you're willing to take an English test (if you've not already done so) - then listen up! 

Note: work experience, education and English test is not required for student visa applicants.

The best time to go to Canada was 20 years ago. The second best time, is NOW.

So here's my big question for you: What will you do this 2020 to realize your dream of going to Canada?

Are you willing to do something now?

Or will you be wondering again at the end of 2020, "Where did the year go? Why haven't I applied for Canada yet?".

If you've attended seminars before and you think this is gonna be the same thing, think again. Seminars you've attended may not have been hosted by a Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant. It may have been hosted by someone who has not even been to Canada yet. That seminar you've attended may have been a while back, so the information you got is already obsolete. Regulations constantly change. Programs come and go.

If you want me and my team to help you, join my Canadian Immigration Workshop.

Let's work together so 2020 will be the year you get serious about your Canadian immigration dreams.

- Daphne

P.S. Sorry, we're not a recruitment agency so we can't give you job offers. Most of what I'm going to teach you is how you can go to Canada without needing a job offer. If you're willing to do what it takes to go to Canada and not only improve your life but the life of others you'd like to help as well, sign up for my workshop. Click the button below: