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Not everyone can easily immigrate to Canada - but everyone has a chance to qualify.

Make the ultimate shift from getting confused and feeling uncertain of what you should be doing... to taking each step with clarity and confidence that you’re on your way to getting your visa to Canada.

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How you can get your Canada visa in 3 months or less.

How you can apply for an immigrant visa even if you don't qualify for Express Entry.

The best option available for you to come to Canada.

If studying or working temporarily in Canada is really your best option.

Daphne Lavina - Immigration Coach

Here's my story, my clients' stories and YOUR future story:

We now live permanently in Canada with our family.

We now live permanently in Canada with our family.

work in Canada

We earn a good living in our chosen careers.


Our kids obtained world-class education for free.*

*up to high school

unnamed (11)

Our families enjoy a safe and secure environment.

Your life in Canada awaits...


Jovi (1)

Nem and Jovi

You can never go wrong with Aces! Our study and OWP permits were obtained through a hands-on assistance from Aces.

We started this journey with curiosity, fear, and hesitations. We had basic knowledge of the application process, but Aces has the facts and expertise from their years and years of experience. Knowing that, it made us comfortable that we are in the right hands.

Daphne and Nel were very patient and professional in communicating with us even if I was annoying with too many questions and worries (LOL). They were very objective and practical. Their strategies are based on facts and real-time/most updated IRCC processes.

They shared their empathies with us as they also know how hard and sacrificial it is leaving our life in the Philippines to apply for a permit in Canada. When our permits got approved, they also celebrated with us joyfully! I felt like we were all approved (hehe!)

The journey was challenging but it’s good to know that Aces is here for us every step of the way with hope and realistic positivity!

Karyl Solo

Iza Karyle

Growing up, it was a dream of mine to travel around or perhaps settle abroad. One of the countries I've always wanted to visit is Canada. I chose Aces Immigration Consultancy to handle my application because I know they will never let their clients down. As far as I know, the clients Aces managed are currently living their best life in Canada, which is why I chose them since Aces knows what is best for their clients.

A big bonus from that is Aces Immigration Consultancy is owned by a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant, who knows the best options for your application to be a success.

There is so much to look forward to... I will undoubtedly achieve my goals step by step, and my future plans will include moving my family here so that they, too, can achieve their goals.

If someone is unsure about their application to Canada, I would strongly recommend them to contact Aces Immigration Consultancy and let them handle everything.

Thanks to your high-ranking service, which has left me in awe because I still can't believe I am in Canada. A huge kudos to Aces for handling me very well, and I am beyond grateful for choosing them in my journey to Canada.

Also, a huge thanks to Miss Daphne, Sir Arvin, Ate Nel and the whole Aces Immigration Consultancy Team!

Daphne Lavina

Hosted by: Daphne Lavina, RCIC

Engage with a professional team who can help you transform your life and properly guide you to make your Canadian immigration dreams come true.

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  • Licensed by the Government of Saskatchewan under the Foreign Worker and Immigration Services Act (FWRISA)

*Beware of engaging with so-called "immigration agencies" and ghost consultants. Always ask to personally consult with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant for your case.*