SINP ISW EOI Express Entry Draw Nov 3, 2020

On November 3, 2020. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) ISW EOI issued 272 invitations in their express entry stream. The minimum score was 68.

These are the occupations included in the draw:

Senior managers - construction, transportation, production and utilities 16
 Architecture and science managers 212
Administrators - post-secondary education and vocational training 421
Managers in social, community and correctional services 423
Accommodation service managers 632
Managers in customer and personal services, n.e.c. 651
Home building and renovation managers 712
Managers in transportation 731
Managers in natural resources production and fishing 811
Managers in agriculture 821
Utilities managers 912
Agricultural and fish products inspectors 2222
Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians 2233
Construction estimators 2234
Aircraft instrument, electrical and avionics mechanics, technicians and inspectors 2244
Architectural technologists and technicians 2251
Drafting technologists and technicians 2253
Engineering inspectors and regulatory officers 2262
 Construction inspectors 2264
Air traffic controllers and related occupations 2272
Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists' assistants 3212
Cardiology technologists and electrophysiological diagnostic technologists, n.e.c. 3217
Other medical technologists and technicians (except dental health) 3219
Dental technologists, technicians and laboratory assistants 3223
Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment 3237
Educational counsellors 4033
Employment counsellors 4156
Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers 4161
Social policy researchers, consultants and program officers 4164
Education policy researchers, consultants and program officers 4166
Recreation, sports and fitness policy researchers, consultants and program officers 4167
Other professional occupations in social science, n.e.c. 4169
Other instructors 4216
Retail and wholesale buyers 6222
Executive housekeepers 6312
Cleaning supervisors 6315
Other services supervisors 6316
Chefs 6321
Telecommunications line and cable workers 7245
Telecommunications installation and repair workers 7246
Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors 7315
Electrical mechanics 7333
Contractors and supervisors, oil and gas drilling and services 8222
Supervisors, petroleum, gas and chemical processing and utilities 9212
Supervisors, food and beverage processing 9213
Power engineers and power systems operators 9241

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