New Caregiver Immigration Pilot 2019


Immigration Canada has announced 2 new Caregiver immigration pilots. The Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker pilots are the new Caregiver immigration pathway to Canada. It will open for applications on June 18, 2019.

This new program will replace the expiring Caring for Children and Caring for People with High Medical Needs pilots.

Caregivers will now have to meet the standard criteria for economic immigration before you are granted a work permit.

To be granted a work permit, Caregivers will have to meet the following criteria:
  • Job offer
  • CLB 5 language level (IELTS: Reading – 4.0, Writing – 5.0, Listening – 5.0, Speaking – 5.0)
    1 year of Canadian post-secondary education equivalent
  • Admissibility

Once working in Canada, caregivers will have to gain the required 2 years of Canadian work experience to finalize your permanent residence application.

Benefits of the new pilots:


  • Work permit issued to the Caregiver is occupation-specific (unlike before which was employer-specific). This allows a Caregiver to change employers when necessary.
  • Open work permits and/or study permits will be granted to the Caregiver’s immediate family – so the whole family can come to Canada together.
  • A clear transition from temporary to permanent status in Canada.


  • The occupation-specific work permits under the Home Child Care and Home Support Worker pilots will eliminate the need for employers to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before hiring a Caregiver from overseas.

Processing Time

Initial applications to the new pilots will have a 12-month processing service standard and a 6-month processing standard to finalize an application after the Caregiver submits proof of meeting the work experience requirement.

Interim Pathway for Caregivers Extended

The short-term pathway for Caregivers which closed on June 8, 2019 will re-open on July 8, 2019 and will accept applications for 3 months only. This was as an option for Caregivers who came to Canada as temporary foreign workers since 2014 but were unable to qualify for permanent residence through any of the existing programs.

The new Caregiver immigration pilots, Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker, will each accept only 2,750 principal applicants yearly. Once the quota is reached, you’ll have to wait until the next year when it reopen.

Find out if you qualify to immigrate to Canada as a Caregiver

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