How to get invited to apply through Express Entry Canada 2021

Two Reasons Why You Should Be In The Express Entry Pool

On February 13, 2021, IRCC had its largest Express Entry draw by far: 27,332 invitations were issued during this draw.

And the lowest CRS score to be invited in this draw was only 75.

Yup, that's right, if you were in the express entry pool and you had a score of 75, you would have been invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Please note though that This draw was program specific and only those who qualify under the Canadian experience class were invited.

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So the question is:

Is it worth for you to be in the express entry pool even if your CRS score or comprehensive ranking system score is less than 400?

The answer to that is a big yes!

Here’s why...

Reason One: Increasing ITA numbers = decreasing cutoff score

Immigration Canada continues to emphasize that they're looking into global talents to support Canada's post-pandemic recovery. EE draw #176 is IRCC's show of commitment to achieve it's target of 401,000 new immigrants in 2021. Making up for the shortfall in 2020.

This means they have to issue more ITAs which also means the CRS cutoff score may be significantly decreased in order to increase the numbers of qualified immigrants.

Reason Two: Provinces nominates applicants from the pool

Provinces have invited specific applicants who are in the express entry pool and most of the time, they have a set criteria that one has to meet regardless of their CRS score. As an example, the Nova Scotia Nominee Program has been inviting Nurses from the express entry pool to apply for nomination under their Labour Market Priorities Stream. And they didn’t specify a CRS score for their draws.

You will automatically get a boost of 600 points once a certificate of nomination is issued to you. That’s a lot of bonus points, right?  So in this case, you won’t even have to wish for a low CRS cutoff score anymore coz you’ve got more than 600 points in your score already.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take."

- Wayne Gretzky

Being in the express entry pool with a low score and a low chance of getting an ITA is better than not having any change of getting invited to apply at all.

So what are you waiting for? If living and working in Canada is your ultimate dream, GET ON the express pool now!

Comment below with your biggest challenge why you have not applied for Express Entry yet.

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