Spouse/Partner Sponsorship

#33: Spousal Sponsorship – 2nd Marriage in the Philippines

Happily ever after… That’s what we expect when we get married. But the reality is, not all marriages go as planned. Those complications in life might make it harder to have spousal sponsorship.   Are you a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is on your second marriage in the Philippines? Are you unsure whether…

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#28: Avoid Spousal Sponsorship Problems: Get Remarried Right!

It’s very important for your future Canadian immigration spousal sponsorship that you say “I Do” again right and the legal way. Missing a step could lead to legal troubles. It also could cost your spouse his Canadian immigrant visa if he’s deemed not to be a member of the family class. Your marriage must be…

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#24: Getting Married Again: Married In Philippines, Divorced in Canada

If you’ve been married in the Philippines, divorced in Canada and trying to get remarried to someone in the Philippines, this episode is for you. Need assistance with your Saskatchewan Divorce? We might be able to help. Click here to find out. Need assistance with your HongKong wedding? We can help too! Call us at 1.877.522.3748.   Are you…

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