Canada Covid-19 Update: Is Canada Immigration Open?

Have you been wondering:

Is Canada not affected by coronavirus?

Is Canada still accepting immigration applications?

Is Canada CLOSED!

Watch my video below and find out if Canada is still open for immigration despite covid-19. And decide for yourself if now is a good time to pursue your Canadian Immigration application.

According to the Govt of Canada’s covid-19 website, Canada has about 93,000 confirmed cases and about 7,500 deaths as of this recording.

So if Canada’s affected by covid-19, are they still allowing people to come into the country?

On March 16th 2020, Canada announced a travel ban to slow down the spread of The coronavirus. only the following are allowed to enter Canada up to this date:

  • Canadian citizens and their immediate family members
  • Permanent residents and their immediate family members
  • Temporary foreign workers
  • International students with valid study permits or those who were approved for a study permit on or before March 18, 2020
  • Approved permanent residents on or before March 18, 2020 who haven't landed in Canada yet

There are a few others who may be allowed to enter Canada. Click here for the link to the complete and updated details.

So what if you don’t have a visa yet? Or what if you haven’t even applied yet? Maybe, you’ve been thinking about applying for Canada and right about the time you finally decided to get started, Covid-19 happened.

The good news is: Immigration Canada is still accepting applications!

Processing times may be slower, but applications are still being accepted.

Express Entry Draws: March 18 to 27, 2020

139 18-Mar 668 720 Provincial Nominee Program
140 20-Mar 3,232 467 Canadian Experience Class
141 09-Apr 606 698 Provincial Nominee Program
142 09-Apr 3,294 464 Canadian Experience Class
143 15-Apr 118 808 Provincial Nominee Program
144 16-Apr 3,782 455 Canadian Experience Class
145 29-Apr 589 692 Provincial Nominee Program
146 30-Apr 3,311 452 Canadian Experience Class
147 13-May 529 718 Provincial Nominee Program
148 14-May 3,371 447 Canadian Experience Class
149 27-May 385 757 Provincial Nominee Class
Alberta 01-Apr 120
Alberta 14-Apr 200
Alberta 19-Apr 200
Ontario 29-Apr 190
Ontario 30-Apr 307
Nova Scotia 22-May *
Saskatchewan 28-May 127
Ontario 03-Jun 167
Ontario 03-Jun 532

* Draw targeted to Registered Nurses & Registered Psychiatric Nurses (NOC 3012) only

Why is Canada still accepting immigrants?

According to the Conference Board of Canada: Immigration is important to Canada’s economy. 

Canadians are rapidly aging and the birth rate is very low.

Because Of the aging population, there’s less contributions and there’s more payouts from the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). Immigrants play a big role as future contributors to the CPP.

Immigrants also play an important role in Canada’s economic growth. We bring in our savings to Canada when we migrate. We buy cars, houses, groceries and avail of services.

Immigrants are needed especially during Canada’s recovery economy after this pandemic.

Is it safe to bring in new people from outside of Canada now? Is it safe for you to come to Canada now?

Express entry’s processing time is an average of 6 months. The counting starts after you submit your complete application package when you get an invitation to apply.

Provincial nominee programs that are submitted as paper applications take more than a year.

So, applying now doesn’t mean you’re flying to Canada tomorrow.

The process takes time.

The preparation takes time.

So by the time a cure is found... by the time a vaccine is available, your application could be in its final stages in the process as well. That is, if you get started now.

I’m actually excited for you! Because you’ll be immigrating to Canada during the recovery economy. So lots of jobs and business opportunities will be waiting for you!

This pandemic is going to end. I have no doubt about that.

When this thing is over where do you wanna be?

Comment below with "yes" if you’re excited to be in Canada during the recovery economy.

Have you submitted your Expression of Interest to Canada yet?