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Maria Carey Bagaipo Google
Maria Carey Bagaipo

We're very lucky to have Aces Immigration Consultancy for guiding us on each and every step throughout the student permit process.
Thank you very much to Ms. Daphne and Ms. Nonel and their team for assisting us through all our doubts and questions very professionally and efficiently .

I am happy to recommend Aces Immigration Consultancy to anyone!

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Rosita GP google2
Rosita GP

I got my student visa approved!!! with the help of ACES team.
I appreciated all of the hard work and patience.
My whole family will forever grateful.
This is the beginning of my new voyage to explore and learn.
With that, the opportunity to grow my career and be successful in life. I guarantee your continuous support when the day comes I get my PR. Thank you Aces connection!!
More blessings to come ❤️❤️❤️
See you in Regina, SK 🇵🇭➡️🇨🇦

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Mark Bryan Angue

Aces Canada Immigration gave me opportunity to come and work here in canada.
From seabased to landbased☺️thanks alot aces..
More blessings and Godbless

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Pura, Eden
Eden Pura

I and my family is very grateful to Aces especially to Ms Daphne, Ms Nel and Ms Pat who were very helpful during my student pathway journey.
After 12 years being away from my 2 sons, we were able to get together here in Canada in God’s grace and ACES help.
Looking forward to our continuous partnership and collaboration as we continue to achieve our Canadian dream. PR pathway next with ACES.
Thank you once again and more success for you all.
God bless.

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Marga google

I would like to express how happy and thankful we are to ACES Immigration and Travel they have consultants and employees who are very professional and experienced.
Especially Ms. Daphne & Ms Nonel who guided and helped us step by step from the first day until now here in Canada, they are kind and friendly.
To Ms. Kat just wanted to express our deep gratitude for the dedicated work you do day after day.
Your kindness is so much appreciated while assisting us.

One of the most profound ways to express your gratitude to God is by serving others in His name. ... Thank you so much ACES you make our dream come true.

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Khen and Dhen

One single error could put all you invested on your immigration goals to waste. Thanks to Aces Connections Consultancy for having that eye for details. Daphne has been supportive from day one until the day we landed.

And the entire process took less than 9 months from the day we were accepted into the Express Entry pool!

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Nathan & Kristine

We are very glad and grateful that we had our sponsorship application with Daphne/ACES. She never failed in giving us updates and she always make sure everything is perfect. She always gets back to us as soon as possible. It was worth an experience working with Daphne! We felt friendship and good company with ACES. With ACES our family will be complete and happy. We are proud to be one of her clients and we would definitely recommend her and ACES. More power to you and your office and GOD bless!

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I can never thank you enough... But this is a start.

You've been such a big help...

Now, were finally complete! Thank you so much Ms. Daph and the rest of your team... Praise to God!

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I’m very thankful to Aces for their support and patience every I called and follow up my application. I salute for their efficiency!
Now I’m happily a permanent resident in Canada – one of the coldest places in the world!

Thank you Aces for helping and making my dreams come true.

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Paul and Carla

It’s been great to have you guys to answer questions and things.
We would have felt so lost doing this all on our own.
Thank you!

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I am pleased for all your help Aces!
Especially to you Ms. D, you were extremely helpful from our first telephonic conversation through completion. You made my dreams come true!
Super duper thank you Aces…May our Lord bless you guys always!!

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Vandenbussche Family

Janet was a great addition to our lives.
The kids loved her and when we came home from work everything was taken care of as if we were home for the day.
Thanks again for setting us up with such a great person.

- Ryan and Lisa


Japle Rustria

Where to begin?
Yes, we did it. It's a long journey for us and this amazing consultancy the " ACES ". I'm really grateful to have them in my journey of my application and how it works from having a refusal because we did it DIY. Ohhhh! I'm an international student from the Philippines. I just began doing a DIY process to get a student visa but suddenly we forgot some documents that are very important for getting a student visa. THANKS TO GOD I found the great agency called "ACES Connections Consultancy". They are with us from the beginning until the end of this journey. Started with what we needed to comply with everything in the process of visa. They are the ones who teach what to do. finalize everything according to what documents need to be provided. It is amazing to have them all processing and waiting for this journey they never leave you. A PROMISE THAT MADE TO CAME is that the ACES. Especially thank you MAM DAPHNE and all the stuff, MAM NEL and MAM PAT for this up and down journey of mine. I know how stressful to get my visa granted. Mix emotions on this journey. And I'm grateful that you guys never tired on my journey. Super thank all of you for the help with the stress and for the unsleepy nights to make this journey happen. I know you guy is doing a great and great job in every day ahead. I thank you for all the things you thought, advised, and supported me in this journey.

I would highly recommend this wonderful agency for your study abroad. They will never leave until the very end of your journey. They achieved what I thought its impossible. Believe them the "ACES Consultancy".

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I had been engaging with other Immigration agencies, just to migrate out of the Philippines, but to no avail, just previously had taken IELTS for four times, although, had a passing mark, for New Zealand, but still, I remained in the Philippines.

By chance, I was introduced to Aces, but can’t believe it! Here, I am now in Canada, through the Live-In Caregiver Program.
Until today, Aces never abandon me, in Consultancy, specially in the processing of my immigration papers, to bring my family in Canada.

Thank you very much, for your support, and now, presently am waiting for the approval, of me and my family’s permanent residency, in Canada.

karlye google

Karyle Encarnacion

Growing up, it was a dream of mine to travel around or perhaps settle abroad; one of the countries I've always wanted to visit is Canada.
I chose Aces Immigration Consultancy to handle my application because I know they will never let their clients down. As far as I know, the clients Aces managed are currently living their best life in Canada, which is why I chose them since Aces knows what is best for their clients. A big bonus from that is Aces Immigration Consultancy is owned by a Registered Immigration Consultant, who knows the best options for your application to be a success.
As with my Student Visa application with Aces, I started processing it in late July 2021 and landed in Regina on May 12, 2022.
There is so much to look forward to; I will undoubtedly achieve my goals step by step, and my future plans will include moving my family here so that they, too, can achieve their goals.
If someone is unsure about their application to Canada, I would strongly recommend them to contact Aces Immigration Consultancy and let them handle everything. I currently have no suggestions thanks to your high-ranking service, which has left me in awe because I still can't believe I am in Canada.
A huge kudos to Aces for handling me very well, and I am beyond grateful for choosing them in my journey to Canada. Also, a huge thanks to Miss Daphne, Sir Arvin, Ate Nel and the whole Aces Immigration Consultancy Team!
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Marcelo Gicana

No more waves – I am now in the land of living skies SK, Canada, ACES made it happen!

Working as a seaman is an appealing profession to many. Oftentimes, others think of a life at sea as a glamour and adventure, but the opposite is often the case. Life at sea during the age of sail was filled with hardship, you need to be tough to survive.

I thought my work was just hard, but it became harder when I started my own family. I was not there when my wife gave birth and I started to miss the important milestones of my son as he grows. The pandemic made it worse that my 6-month contract was extended to more than a year.

When I returned to the Philippines, I was too attached with my son that I don’t wanna go back to the sea and I started to worry of
his future, I realized that my son deserves the best – environment and education. So, we started to think of coming here in Canada.

We also faced financial challenge along the way, for a seaman who spends vacation in the Philippines for a year, we almost drained our savings, but delaying is the thief of time, so we took the courage to start.

I am now here in Canada with my wife and my son. To Ms. Daphne and Sir Arvin and our family, thank you you for your support and generous help!

Thank you would not be enough to equate all the effort and support that ACES provided.

And to everyone out there who dream of coming to Canada, now is the time! Be brave to start!

Merry Christmas to all!

#movetocanada #Aces #landoflivingskies

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