#34: Getting a Job Through Express Entry – Making Resettlement Easier When Immigrating to Canada

Having a plan is usually a good thing - especially when your entire life is about to change. Immigrating without being completely sure if you'll be financially stable enough to put a roof over your head and food on the table is a little scary though.

Come to Canada with a job waiting for you.

Preparing a place for you to work at when you arrive gives you that sense of assurance that you'll survive the first few months as a newcomer. But what can you do to prepare? Is it worth putting your swimsuit on to get into the Express Entry pool? Dip a toe in and test the waters by joining us on today's Q&A Thursday.

Today's question is from Ahmad. He writes:

"Does the Entry Express application help applicants to get a job before travel to Canada???"

The Canadian government has been encouraging employers to hire workers from abroad through the Express Entry pool.

That's the reason why part of the Express Entry application process is for the applicants to set up a job bank profile. Take note, though, creating a job bank profile is no longer mandatory.

A recent survey conducted by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce revealed that businesses in Canada prefer to hire foreign workers through the temporary foreign worker program.
Business owners indicated that the federal Express Entry system is their least preferred avenue.

Yes, the Canadian government intends to help Express Entry applicants in finding a job that matches their qualifications. However, you're not guaranteed a job before you come to Canada.

Having an express entry profile puts you ahead of the pack . (Especially once the system works the way it was intended to)

Once Canadian employers are convinced that the best way to go is to search for applicants through the Express Entry pool, then you'll have better chances of getting a job offer before you come to Canada.

Additionally, you can mention in your job applications that you are in the Express Entry pool. Employers may be more open to consider you for their job opening knowing that you're qualified under the Express Entry program.

If you ever get invited to apply under the Express Entry program before finding a job offer, don't worry too much about not having a job prior to coming to Canada.

Come with the determination that you will be able to successfully re-settle here in Canada.

Lots of challenges are waiting for you when you first come to Canada, but with time and determination, it gets easier!

I've been there and I'm speaking from my own experience.

Now it's your turn!
Are you currently in the Express Entry pool? Have you had success getting matched with employers through your job bank profile?

Stay persistent and keep going to achieve your Canadian immigration dreams!

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