#32: SINP – International Skilled Worker

Get nominated by the province of Saskatchewan without employer sponsorship

In this episode, I’m going to answer your questions about the SINP International Skilled Worker Category. If you’ve been following me for some time now, you know that SINP is my favourite Immigration program. It's my favorite not only because I’m based here in Saskatchewan and I know how great this province is for newcomers, but also because it fast tracks your application process without you having to look for an employer to sponsor you.

Watch the video below for all the details you need to apply under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

SINP ISW Self-Assessment Guide

Click the button to download my free self-assessment guide and follow along as you watch the video.

There you have it. The SINP ISW. I hope you learned more about your options under the SINP now.

Now it's your turn... In the comments section below, tell me how you did in your self-assessment? Did you find your occupation in the list? Did you get 60?

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